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Hi I’m Helen.

The face behind UnlikelyGenius.

In 2018 I decided the time for making the leap into self-employment was now or never. I had spent 13 years in industry and finally felt that I had the right mixture of experience and skills to make a go of it. A fire had been lit within me.

I handed in my resignation, landed my first contract within two days and have never looked back.

I offer freelance, contract and consultancy services in the areas of content, learning and graphic design. I am unique in that I can work on full end-to-end projects for you: creating the copy, the design and styling, and in the case of e-learning, the build. It is hard enough to source a team for your project, without having to get separate people for different roles within the project.

I approach projects with a holistic view, understanding the interplay of visual elements and written language, and how to enhance the flow of your message for your audience. I create user-focused, holistic designs which tell a story through combining imagery, words and flow, always with the end user at the forefront of the development. I am passionate about making content work for you and your user.

I help businesses to refine their content so that it reaches and engages their audience, via the best medium, at the best time, and in the best place.

If you would like to see my in depth CV drop me an email at helen@unlikelygenius.com.

Or contact me to pick my brain, ask for a quote, or to chat anything learning and content.

I am a member of the following professional organisations:

And the winner is… me!

I have won an award. Two in fact, in two weeks. "For what?" I hear you cry. Not not for clumsiest sod of t'north. Not for best bunmum ever (though obvs that should be it). These are real legit, bonafide awards. Both were a total surprise, and hugely appreciated. And...

Stay digital: why you shouldn’t rush back to face-to-face training

With a downturn in the dreaded COVID rates, and seeming (and very brief) relaxing of rules, the itchy feet started. Some businesses seemed to want to dump the online presence they have been building in 2020 and race back to face-to-face sessions. But that is a bad...

5 things I learnt in creating my own course

Despite doing it every day for other people, creating my own course was a huge learning curve and a source of significant pressure. Here I condense some of my key learnings from going through this process and pointers for you so you can avoid some of the issues I...

2 years on: Celebrating my business birthday

Today has been a huge day for me, with many firsts (release of my first course, and my first newsletter sent out for a start - sign up here), but by far the biggest celebration for me is my baby turning two. And yes, I mean my business baby. Not the bunnies. And I...

Stand and deliver (what you promised)!

So last night I attended a Masterclass. I took time off my accountability writing group and my downtime to do so. I was really looking forward to it. And I was let down. Why? Because the fact that it was called a 'masterclass' meant I expected to learn something. The...

The challenges of writing and selling a course

Writing a course is challenging. Writing a course about writing a course has turned out to be even more challenging. I have rollercoastered from feeling so confident in my offering, to doubting every word I have written. Every topic I have included. I have hidden away...

Coming to a website near you soon…yesterday…maybe tomorrow

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front since completing the first year of my #write52 journey. Though I intended to carry on without a break, there has been a lot of development going on behind the scenes and as usual I got giddy setting lots of other things...

From visibility to overwhelm and back again

A few weeks ago I wrote about visibility and how it leads to great things. And then I went AWOL. For weeks. Ooh, the irony. What a hippo-crito. 🦛   Anyhoo… In my bouncy excitement, work was flooding in and I took on too much. I was invincible. And others were...

Drum roll please… (or preferably Prosecco corks popping)

🌟🥳 HAPPY 1ST #WRITE52 BIRTHDAY TO ME 🌟🥳   A year ago I was travelling around the Nordic fjords in snow…in June… (ahh bliss, remember the days when we could travel?)... when I stumbled upon a tweet by Ed Callow which mentioned he was trying to give himself some...

Being visible, breaking down barriers and building a tribe.

If there is one positive thing I can say for 2020 so far it is that being visible has worked. Not just for getting business in, but for increasing mentality towards my business, myself, and opportunities. Plus, as a result of my efforts at visibility, I have seen a...
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