Hi I’m Helen.

The face behind UnlikelyGenius.

In 2018 I decided the time for making the leap into self-employment was now or never. I had spent 13 years in industry and finally felt that I had the right mixture of experience and skills to make a go of it. A fire had been lit within me.

I handed in my resignation, landed my first contract within two days and have never looked back.

I offer freelance, contract and consultancy services in the areas of content, learning and graphic design. I am unique in that I can work on full end-to-end projects for you: creating the copy, the design and styling, and in the case of e-learning, the build. It is hard enough to source a team for your project, without having to get separate people for different roles within the project.

I approach projects with a holistic view, understanding the interplay of visual elements and written language, and how to enhance the flow of your message for your audience. I create user-focused, holistic designs which tell a story through combining imagery, words and flow, always with the end user at the forefront of the development. I am passionate about making content work for you and your user.

I help businesses to refine their content so that it reaches and engages their audience, via the best medium, at the best time, and in the best place.

If you would like to see my in depth CV drop me an email at helen@unlikelygenius.com.

Or contact me to pick my brain, ask for a quote, or to chat anything learning and content.

I am a member of the following professional organisations:

The rise of social and collaborative learning

What is social learning?   Humans are social creatures. We listen to stories and pass them on. We build communities in which we live, learn, grow and engage with others. We learn from observing our families, friends, siblings and teachers. We listen to and trust...

eXXpedition voyage

If you’ve seen my social media this last couple of weeks you may have seen that I have some exciting developments in my bid to be more eco-friendly and to inspire others to do the same. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to secure a place on the latest eXXpedition...

A new look for Unlikely Genius

A couple of weeks ago I released my new improved branding for UnlikelyGenius. I love my business name and feel it absolutely represents me, but though I liked my old logo, I felt it no longer represented me and the business as well as it could. The font choice was too...

10 tips for increasing engagement in your training: 6-10

One of the main principles of UnlikelyGenius is focused on creating enjoyable, inclusive learning for all. One tool to help you do this is to increase engagement in the learning experience. Read part 1 here: 10 tips for increasing engagement in your training: 1-5...

10 tips for increasing engagement in your training: 1-5

One of the main principles of UnlikelyGenius is focused on creating enjoyable, inclusive learning for all. One tool to help you do this is to increase engagement in the learning experience.   Why increase engagement? Sounds like a daft question but too many...

Improving your writing for learning

Writing is one area where we can have a great impact and make sure that the learning is inclusive for all. By refining how we write for learning experiences, it helps to reduce the cognitive load for the learner, makes the information easier to scan, helps make...

My experience of contributing to Communicator Magazine

A few months ago I shared a blog post about having won the ISTC Communicator article of the year award, and in the latest issue, there is a bonus feature from me alongside my usual piece about eLearning. Here I discuss what winning this award meant to me.  

Case study 1: Frontline: Changing Lives

Client: Frontline Location: London, UK What they do: They are a charity who recruit, train and support social workers through the delivery of a 2 year Masters level programme. My role: Writing/ Instructional design Storyline and Rise builds Graphic design Consultancy...

2020: My Year in Numbers

As is customary at the end of the year, I have created a summary of my year in numbers (and cheating this time - a bit of extra text). I find this a great way of reflecting on what has happened, how far I have come, how business and extra life perks are coming along....

24 days of Tip-mas

A roundup of fab takeaways from the catastrophe that was 2020 2020 has been a disaster, we know this. But there was some joy and fabulousness to be found if you looked closely. Throughout December I shared my tips and discoveries in an advent calendar-like slow...