The content you create is not for you.

Content can make or break a relationship with your user. Provoke a purchase or scare them away. Engage or disengage. Educate or misinform. Connect or disconnect. Reassure or offend.

Can you afford to just put your content out there and hope for the best?

Whether you’re creating elearning, a website, print collateral or any other content, the information you provide needs to be concise and to the point. Let’s cut the rambling, disjointed, mixed messages and make it work.

The end-user should be at the core of everything you do.

And that’s where I come in.

I am on a mission to improve the content businesses produce by taking a unique holistic approach to projects right through from brief, to design, to the outcome. This saves time, workflow, resources and budget, but crucially makes the user experience central, which benefits everyone.

Some of my clients

What do I do?

Learning Design

I create learning materials for online, face-to-face, or blended learning. I can also build the modules using industry-standard software such as Articulate Storyline and Rise.

Content Design

I specialise in taking jargon-filled content and turning it into user-friendly information for services, websites, promotional materials, or any other communications.

Graphic Design

I create visuals to accompany the learning and content design such as characters, infographics and resources. 

Helen Axe, The Frontline

Working with Helen has been on of the easiest things I have done over the last 6months. Helen brought a wealth of knowledge, style and enthusiasm to her designs, she helped us go from zero elearning to building a portfolio of engaging and appealing modules which are used by our 450+ students and staff. Helen helped us implement standards, create templates and training materials, nothing seemed to daunt her! With patience of saint and such a friendly approach, the whole experience of working with Helen has been one I couldn't recommend highly enough!

Andrew Wood, Trainer Bubble

Working with Helen was a delight. After setting the parameters of the design project, Helen provided a clear outline of what I could expect, which meant I could be confident enough to leave Helen to progress things with little further input from me. Helen initially carried out the instructional design for a specific course for me and I was extremely pleased with the results. Because the original scope was so clear, there were no surprises upon completion and the content needed no revisions. Following this success, I asked Helen to do the build of the e-learning. Again, the outputs were fantastic with Helen achieving a good grasp of our design style and approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen and her work and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Paul Featherstone

I worked with Helen on a challenging public sector programme where she formed an integral part of the design team which successfully took our product through GDS assessment. Even though Helen had almost lost her voice, she still made a significant contribution - this demonstrates Helen's determined and positive attitude, she won't let her team down. Helen is a highly creative individual and a great person to work with. She's highly collaborative, creative and has a flexible 'can-do' attitude. I'd highly recommend Helen on a personal and professional level.

Paul Featherstone, Product Owner at HMRC

Paulo Montefiore

I had the pleasure of working with Helen at HMRC. She always kept an overall perspective of the user needs and the client requirements, an understanding of their wider implications in the project, was able to design content to meet user needs and make complex language easy to understand. She was also able to communicate clearly to the team who our users were and what their needs were based on evidence. On top of that, she has great interpersonal skills, a fantastic smile and was extremely comfortable with Git, CSS and HTML5. Impressive! I would love to work with Helen again.

Paulo Montefiore, HMRC

Carol Lakin

I am blown away, I absolutely love what you’ve done. Thank you so much for your patience too... ...Helen Hill you rock!!!

Carol Lakin, Blankets for Baby Rhinos

Judith Clarkson

We are extremely impressed with Helen’s (Unlikely Genius’s) ability to interpret our product, customer messages and environment into effective communication collateral. Helen is able to combine written and visual skills, to condense information and make the message flow clearly. Helen has also been invaluable in suggesting and creating appropriate visuals that fit within the brand and overall strategy – this is particularly important for our NHS partners and customers, where understanding and reflecting their particular challenges is crucial. Helen always communicates clearly and in a timely fashion, which is very responsive.

Judith Clarkson, ADI

Bryony Sidwell

Helen provided a professional and efficient service, both in instructional design as well in the development of the course itself. Her work was of excellent quality and our end client was really happy with the final product! Helen maintained regular communication throughout the project, and I always found her to be upbeat and solution-oriented.

Bryony Sidwell, Walkgrove

My ‘average’ working day

One question I have been asked a few times recently is “what is your average working day like?” And I have to say - there is no such thing for me. There are many self-employed folk who like to have one or two main clients and work solely on that contract until it ends...

Online facilitation vs eLearning – what’s the difference?

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Addicted to learning

I'm not gonna lie, I have spent a fortune in time and money on self-development (and networking) this year. I have fallen into the trap that many of us have, especially in a lockdowny world - I signed up to a flurry of courses. Some are completed, but there is still...

And the winner is… me!

I have won an award. Two in fact, in two weeks. "For what?" I hear you cry. Not not for clumsiest sod of t'north. Not for best bunmum ever (though obvs that should be it). These are real legit, bonafide awards. Both were a total surprise, and hugely appreciated. And...

Stay digital: why you shouldn’t rush back to face-to-face training

With a downturn in the dreaded COVID rates, and seeming (and very brief) relaxing of rules, the itchy feet started. Some businesses seemed to want to dump the online presence they have been building in 2020 and race back to face-to-face sessions. But that is a bad...

5 things I learnt in creating my own course

Despite doing it every day for other people, creating my own course was a huge learning curve and a source of significant pressure. Here I condense some of my key learnings from going through this process and pointers for you so you can avoid some of the issues I...

2 years on: Celebrating my business birthday

Today has been a huge day for me, with many firsts (release of my first course, and my first newsletter sent out for a start - sign up here), but by far the biggest celebration for me is my baby turning two. And yes, I mean my business baby. Not the bunnies. And I...

Stand and deliver (what you promised)!

So last night I attended a Masterclass. I took time off my accountability writing group and my downtime to do so. I was really looking forward to it. And I was let down. Why? Because the fact that it was called a 'masterclass' meant I expected to learn something. The...

The challenges of writing and selling a course

Writing a course is challenging. Writing a course about writing a course has turned out to be even more challenging. I have rollercoastered from feeling so confident in my offering, to doubting every word I have written. Every topic I have included. I have hidden away...

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I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front since completing the first year of my #write52 journey. Though I intended to carry on without a break, there has been a lot of development going on behind the scenes and as usual I got giddy setting lots of other things...
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