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The content you create is not for you.

Content can make or break a relationship with your user. Provoke a purchase or scare them away. Engage or disengage. Educate or misinform. Connect or disconnect. Reassure or offend.

Can you afford to just put your content out there and hope for the best?

Whether you’re creating elearning, a website, print collateral or any other content, the information you provide needs to be concise and to the point. Let’s cut the rambling, disjointed, mixed messages and make it work.

The end-user should be at the core of everything you do.

And that’s where I come in.

I am on a mission to improve the content businesses produce by taking a unique holistic approach to projects right through from brief, to design, to the outcome. This saves time, workflow, resources and budget, but crucially makes the user experience central, which benefits everyone.

Some of my clients

What do I do?

Learning Design

I create learning materials for online, face-to-face, or blended learning. I can also build the modules using industry-standard software such as Articulate Storyline and Rise.

Content Design

I specialise in taking jargon-filled content and turning it into user-friendly information for services, websites, promotional materials, or any other communications.

Graphic Design

I create visuals to accompany the learning and content design. I also specialise in branding and print communication.

From visibility to overwhelm and back again

A few weeks ago I wrote about visibility and how it leads to great things. And then I went AWOL. For weeks. Ooh, the irony. What a hippo-crito. 🦛   Anyhoo… In my bouncy excitement, work was flooding in and I took on too much. I was invincible. And others were...

Drum roll please… (or preferably Prosecco corks popping)

🌟🥳 HAPPY 1ST #WRITE52 BIRTHDAY TO ME 🌟🥳   A year ago I was travelling around the Nordic fjords in snow…in June… (ahh bliss, remember the days when we could travel?)... when I stumbled upon a tweet by Ed Callow which mentioned he was trying to give himself some...

Being visible, breaking down barriers and building a tribe.

If there is one positive thing I can say for 2020 so far it is that being visible has worked. Not just for getting business in, but for increasing mentality towards my business, myself, and opportunities. Plus, as a result of my efforts at visibility, I have seen a...

Tools and resources I now can’t work without

There are so many valuable resources, sources of information and golden brain nuggets out there, and as freelancers we love to share tips. So this week's post is about 7 bloody marvellous resources that help me function, give my brain a good old poke when needed, or...

What is Rapid Learning?

With the effect of the current global pandemic, many businesses are quickly having to adapt to take many aspects of their business online, training and learning being one of them. In order to do so, there is one aspect of eLearning methodology that is particularly...

My epic week of wins and a reflection on how it’s happened

Freelancer. Self-employed. Contractor. Entrepreneur. All these roles come with a whirlwind of emotions, high and low. Time of tumbleweed followed by avalanches of work. Tear inducing trauma and brilliant big wins.  It is certainly life-changing. And takes some getting...

The importance of a good design brief

Even within the design community, the power of a decent design brief can be hugely unappreciated. In the initial flurry of activity and enthusiasm, it is all too easy to just jump headfirst into developing ideas and cranking the designs out. I have even seen some...

A quick guide to user personas in online learning

Earlier in the week, I was involved in a conversation about user personas and whether they are applicable in online learning. Having seen how effective they are in UX design, I have long thought that they had a place in e-learning. It is so important to understand...

Creating e-learning isn’t just a case of moving your presentation slides online

There is quite a prolific belief that creating e-learning is easy. After all, you have a PowerPoint that has worked well for face-to-face training since 1999, so all you need to do it get that online somehow, right? No no no. Wrong. There is so much more to it. If you...

Tips for nailing phone and video call interviews

Phone and video interviews seem to be something I have become well-practiced in since I started working for myself and out of four interviews I have secured all four of the roles. It was really interesting to get feedback on my latest last week and got me thinking...

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