Free resources

Here are some free resources to help you create user centred content and learning experiences. Feel free to download, share and provide feedback or suggestions as to what you would like to see here.

Infographic about Andragogy – the way in which adults learn

Front cover of Communicator journal Winter 2020

Article on ‘Standards in eLearning’

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Winter 2020.
Front cover of Communicator journal Autumn 2020

Article on ‘Transforming classroom materials’.

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Autumn 2020.

Infographic comparing some of the main learning theories

Infographic of the eLearning development process

Infographic showing the eLearning development process

Article on ‘Moving your learning online’.

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Summer 2020.

Article on ‘User pain points and overcoming them’

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Spring 2020.

Article on ‘E-learning: How to capture your audience’

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Autumn 2019.

Article on ‘Using Visuals to Support e-learning’

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Winter 2019.

Case study 1: Frontline: Changing Lives

Client: Frontline Location: London, UK What they do: They are a charity who recruit, train and support social workers through the delivery of a 2 year Masters level programme. My role: Writing/ Instructional design Storyline and Rise builds Graphic design Consultancy...

2020: My Year in Numbers

As is customary at the end of the year, I have created a summary of my year in numbers (and cheating this time - a bit of extra text). I find this a great way of reflecting on what has happened, how far I have come, how business and extra life perks are coming along....

24 days of Tip-mas

A roundup of fab takeaways from the catastrophe that was 2020 2020 has been a disaster, we know this. But there was some joy and fabulousness to be found if you looked closely. Throughout December I shared my tips and discoveries in an advent calendar-like slow...

Join me to #TackleTheCrisis

In a departure from the usual blog posts, this week I decided to write about a project that I have recently become an ambassador for. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin. Fluffy creatures great and small Something that people quickly learn when they get to...

My ‘average’ working day

One question I have been asked a few times recently is “what is your average working day like?” And I have to say - there is no such thing for me. There are many self-employed folk who like to have one or two main clients and work solely on that contract until it ends...

Online facilitation vs eLearning – what’s the difference?

eLearning, online learning, online training, training and development, online teaching, online facilitation. These are all terms that in a roundabout way relate to the same thing, but there are (often subtle) differences. And misunderstandings. So it is no surprise...

Addicted to learning

I'm not gonna lie, I have spent a fortune in time and money on self-development (and networking) this year. I have fallen into the trap that many of us have, especially in a lockdowny world - I signed up to a flurry of courses. Some are completed, but there is still...

And the winner is… me!

I have won an award. Two in fact, in two weeks. "For what?" I hear you cry. Not not for clumsiest sod of t'north. Not for best bunmum ever (though obvs that should be it). These are real legit, bonafide awards. Both were a total surprise, and hugely appreciated. And...

Stay digital: why you shouldn’t rush back to face-to-face training

With a downturn in the dreaded COVID rates, and seeming (and very brief) relaxing of rules, the itchy feet started. Some businesses seemed to want to dump the online presence they have been building in 2020 and race back to face-to-face sessions. But that is a bad...

5 things I learnt in creating my own course

Despite doing it every day for other people, creating my own course was a huge learning curve and a source of significant pressure. Here I condense some of my key learnings from going through this process and pointers for you so you can avoid some of the issues I...
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