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Have you been tasked with moving your company’s internal training online and don’t know where to start?

Are you a business owner who wants to expand your reach by turning your content into an online course?

Do you want to create a course to some create passive income? Or free up some of your time as the trainer so you can focus on the areas where you can have the most impact?

Are you having to adapt to apocalyptic worldwide events and quickly make your training into a digital offering?

If any of these sound like you, then Take Your Training Online is here to make that process easier for you.

It will help you with questions such as:

  • What technology should I use?
  • How do I make sure the learners are engaged when I am not in the room with them?
  • How can I make sure the course still feels like ‘me’?
  • What even is eLearning? And how does this differ to just teaching over Zoom?
  • Do I need to know about learning theory or have a background in teaching? (Clue: the answer is no)
  • Where do I start developing it?
  • How does digital learning differ from teaching in a classroom?

Here’s the details:

It is a self-led course, to complete in your own time as is best for you. Though you can reach out to me with questions and I provide contact details in the course. I also have a Facebook group which you can join for extra bits of guidance, opportunities to ask questions and chat in the community. 

You can pick and choose which bits to complete and in which order, though I recommend working through it in order.

You will learn via a range of methods such as  video, short exercises, infographics, handouts and recommended reading.

Once we have a few participants in I am also going to trial holding Q&A sessions every 2 weeks where you can come and pick my brain, ask questions or just listen to how others are getting on.

It is currently at the bargain introductory price of £189. 

This price will remain during the beta phase, whilst I get feedback from participants and refine materials, before relaunching at the higher price. Those who enlist now will still have access to the content forever, including when the updated ‘gold’ version is released.

Sounds good?

Then simply click buy, and register your account and you can get started straight away.

If you have any questions – send me a message on the contact page. I am happy to talk them through.

Let’s get your training online!

NB: Once you have paid via Paypal, return to this screen and select ‘log in’ – from there you should be able to register. If you have any problems please email me on with the subject line ‘HELP!’ and I can register you manually.

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