After two months of researching, eight months of writing and editing, and too many crises to mention… the time has come. My baby is going to be released into the world.

And I tell thee – writing the book was the easy part 😂

Now is the time-consuming, anxiety-inducing, confidence bashing PR part.

But there is good news for you – there is a…


I am printing 200 copies as a full colour limited edition print run. These can be ordered on my author website (oooh, fancy) Just click ‘shop’ and choose whether you just want the book or whether you want to partake in some extra goodies too. They will be shipped out as soon as they arrive – which could be before the actual launch date.

Book Launch incoming

The ‘official’ launch will be 11 October 2021 for the standard black and white print and eBook editions over on Amazon, and hopefully other booksellers too – I’m on it. Plus you will be able to order in bookshops from this date. I do recommend you get a print copy for 2 reasons:

  1. There is nothing standard about this book, oh no. As well as it being a very helpful book, of course, it has been designed fantastically throughout – no dull typesetting here.
  2. The book has activity pages throughout for you to scribble notes/stick post-its on too.

As for launch day – get it in your diaries. There is going to be a packed schedule full of Q&As, interviews with fellow leapers, a competition or two, a hashtag event, a book reading (ooft, I am most scared of this one), and whatever else I think of between now and then. I will also be announcing some ongoing activities and courses to get involved in.

So, get 11th October in your diary, and if you have any questions that you would like me to answer on the day – just hit reply to this email and let me know.

Stay tuned and sign up to the mailing list on to be the first to know about the launch, offers, the community and more.