Knocks out 47k words of a book, no problem.

Had to write a short subtitle for the cover: can’t do it.

Gets to self-editing: Oh my god, what even is this shit?


It appears there is nothing as painful as the editing process of writing a book. Not because all of those words you spent ages crafting are getting cut, chopped, moved, tittivated (that is such an undervalued word). But because of the thought that now you are at the editing stage, it means SOMEONE IS GOING TO READ THE DAMN THING.


I know, I know, that is the whole point of writing a book, right? But when you throw yourself into doing this thing you always dreamt of, you don’t imagine someone reading it at this stage. Only when it is refined, polished, at least looks professional.


People are going to read my waffle, my drivel, and judge me – at my own bloody request.

They are going to hear my backstory in all its messy glory.

They are going to see my shitty first draft. And boy, do I now feel it is shitty.




And then… THEN. One of your contributors sends back a response to your interview questions which makes you doubt yourself entirely.


She has written a beautiful, raw account of her story. One that covers so many aspects of the book and makes you realise your own story pales into insignificance. It gave me goosicles and wet eyes. It made me laugh. It made me feel like I know her, even though we have only talked once over Zoom.


So now I need to create a book that honours this story. And that of my amazing other contributors too.


Damn you Joelle Byrne. Damn you all.


It is turning me into an endless tweaker. I don’t think I will ever feel the book is ready for eyes, especially with the beta readers I have lined up. So there comes a point where you just have to be brave and fire it over.


Then hide under a rock with a barrel of prosecco to numb the fear.

Maybe cry a little bit.

Hmm, where to get tranquilisers?


Falling off the Ladder (subtitle tbc, obvs) – due for release in October 2021.

More details for the book and a pre-sale coming soon! Once I crawl back out from under my rock.