A couple of weeks ago I released my new improved branding for UnlikelyGenius.

I love my business name and feel it absolutely represents me, but though I liked my old logo, I felt it no longer represented me and the business as well as it could.

The font choice was too formal and old-fashioned. And though I love my ‘g’ character, I’ve had this logo for 15 years, and a lot has changed in that time, so it was time for a little refresh to fix that. I felt it needed more personality and colour. The whole thing was lacking both and I felt they are pretty crucial for me.

I started to experiment with colour, a more contemporary and relaxed font, a feeling of fun and happiness. Something that reflects my new energy and lease for life since going freelance.

Plus, due to feedback from a few people saying my genius is not unlikely at all, the ’un’ is starting to fade in the design. Reflecting my increasing confidence, and that the business is building momentum. Thriving.

After much debate as to whether to use the UG brand or something different, I have gone with my gut and there is even a spin-off version for the newly launched UnlikelyGenius Makes – my new venture where I will be selling some of the resin, crochet and weaving crafts I make.

I have also trademarked the name. It has been garnering quite a lot of interest over the last couple of years as my visibility has increased, and so I wanted to protect it.

To claim it as mine, all mine.

So here it is… UnlikelyGenius 2.0

Trademarked, colourful, fun, friendly, and a little podgier (cos, lockdown).