A roundup of fab takeaways from the catastrophe that was 2020

2020 has been a disaster, we know this. But there was some joy and fabulousness to be found if you looked closely.

Throughout December I shared my tips and discoveries in an advent calendar-like slow reveal. Minus the choc.


As the world was discovering a love of working in your PJs (we freelancers have been telling you all this for an age) and battling to homeschool the kids, I was furiously joining anything and everything because of my manic love of learning and busy took over.

Here are the results and a catch up of what you missed.

Communities and networks

Being Freelance – A community, biscuits, a podcast, biscuits, non-employee of the week awards, a lap of honour in the car park of dreams, biscuits, a pub quiz, a book club, more biscuits and now the CookieCollective non-non-mastermindy mastermind and a course… what more do you need? More biscuits?

Using Video to get your business visible & Videotastic group with Becky Holmes – there’s no better place to learn about what video can do for your business and learn the best way to start getting your mush in front of the lens.

eLearning Network – This is the main UK network for anyone working in eLearning.

Mission Led Content (MLC) with Lisa Barry – Helping business owners find and communicate their mission in their content.

Northern Affinity – A network, with a human side. They do exist.

Freelance Heroes – A community, a conference day, a freelance portal (no, not to escape 2020).

#ContentClubUK – Furious Tweeting from a bunch of biscuit-fueled content peeps.


Write Now with Erin Chamberlain – If you are writing a book, or any other content for your business and want some accountability head here to join us writing in our PJs.

Write 52 – Blogs every week for a year and be part of a great group doing so.

Software and tech

Notion – A productivity tool like no other.

Sony WH-1000X M3 Headphones – The soundproofing purchase of the year! Maybe the century. Is it possible to fall in love with headphones? I think I just did.

Zubtitle – Making adding captions to your videos easy. Simple.

Conferences & self-dev

Pen the Mighty‘s Mighty Messaging programme – a very talented lady sharing her wisdom and sorting my messy brain and ideas out.

Utterly Content – All things Content Design

The Marketing Meetup webinars – All things marketing, wellbeing, owning a business and oodles more.

CopyCon by ProCopywriters – All things copywriting

ahrefs course ‘Blogging for Business’’ –  Learnt oodles as I whizzed through this in 48 hours. Not least that they are not pronounced Ahh-refs.


Readability Guidelines website – Helping you to make your content accessible and usable.

Almanac – It’s like some hybrid baby of Medium and Notion containing loads of tips, guides and templates for all sorts of things.

ISTC Communicator Journal – I may be biased as a certain someone writes for this publication (yes, me!) and I even won the award for Article of the Year, but it genuinely does provide so many valuable articles about technical writing, UX, eLearning and more from writers with a wealth of experience.

ProWriting Aid Grammar Guide – Know your Anaphora from your Dangling Modifiers? No? Thought not, me neither. I am not even sure if we need to know if I’m honest. But alas, the ProWriting Aid Grammar Guide is here to help you.


Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur by Kate Toon – Just read it. Seriously.

Alice Hollis and her ‘little guides’ – Not to be confused with small girls in uniforms promising to be good, but marvelous, content-packed books.

Content Strategy Toolkit by Meghan Casey – A must-have book for content strategy. And it comes with a link to get some fab downloadable resources too.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – I AM A CHEETAH. Uncage me and hear me ROAR. That is all.

What would you put onto the list? Let me know in the comments below.