In a departure from the usual blog posts, this week I decided to write about a project that I have recently become an ambassador for.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Fluffy creatures great and small

Something that people quickly learn when they get to know me is that I love animals and the planet.

I am fascinated by creatures big and small, cultures near and far, landscapes from the beautiful to the arid, the way the planet can shake us with its weather systems and natural disasters, people who push themselves to the limits of human endurance, and so much more.  

Gimme a picture of a sloth, a bunny or a baby-anything and I go all gooey inside (except dogs – I’m scared of dogs). 

Play me the soothing tones of my hero Sir David Attenborough and (other than wanting to preserve him forever) I can listen all day. 

Chuck me a book about scaling Everest and I am enraptured. Awestruck. Glad it is not me up there.  

But it is more than that.

I see it as our responsibility to look after all the magnificent creatures on this earth, and to take care of our planet.

To be responsible.

To do what we can to keep it safe for future generations.

To preserve each and every species.

Which is why when a fellow freelancer had posted that they are taking part in a new eco initiative I quickly jumped on board.

What is it?

It is called #TackleTheCrisis, run by I Am Elodie.

The idea is that the ambassadors flood social media with stories of hope, joy, positivity about the planet, instead of the usual anxiety-inducing bad news we see, in order to promote positive action.

I have attended touring shows like Planet Earth Live, Blue Planet Live, the Banff Mountain Festival and the Ocean Film Festival for the last few years, and been to talks by various wildlife photographers and videographers, and one mighty fabulous talk by Sir Ranulph Fiennes (and an even more illuminating talk by the guy that actually got him up Everest).

I have always enjoyed immersing myself in nature and experiences that I am likely to never see first-hand. With all the will in the world, this broken body will never be hiking Everest. 

But in particular, at these events, the films based on people actually taking action for the planet and standing up for wildlife are those that stand out. That make me think ‘why aren’t I doing more?’ 

I have always been fascinated by the underwater world ever since I was a young girl and my obsession with whales, dolphins and seals began.

I read books on nature, particularly the oceans, birds of prey and wildlife in the UK or abroad.  

I find it upsetting and unbelievable about how naive and selfish the human race can be when it comes to understanding the short and long term impact of our actions.

And when those positive stories do come along I cling onto them in the hope that change is coming. That it isn’t too late.

For days I will ponder about the marvellous people that are taking action.

Now I am not perfect.

I eat meat. I drive a petrol car. I love to travel. I will whack the heating on if I’m cold. Though I am trying to reduce it, I still use products with non-sustainable palm oil in (how many names do they need for one damn ingredient?).

I have a long way to go before I will fully understand my actions and become more sustainable.

But by taking part not only do I want to help educate and inspire others but to learn from other ambassadors too.  

This is my call to you, to join in too.

Reshare my #TackleTheCrisis posts when you come across them.

Join in the conversation.

Or become an ambassador yourself.

Let’s share the positivity – goodness knows we all could do with some in 2020.