Today has been a huge day for me, with many firsts (release of my first course, and my first newsletter sent out for a start – sign up here), but by far the biggest celebration for me is my baby turning two. And yes, I mean my business baby. Not the bunnies. And I don’t have secret hooman children.

It has been a day of much reflection, and to be honest it all feels quite surreal. So now onto the celebration – even though I did forget to buy the cake. How do you forget to buy cake?!

Anyway, one thing I did remember to do was to look at some more of the figures again, as I did at year one. So here are the running totals for year two now…

Sounds good, right?

I didn’t dare try and total up the number of bottles of prosecco drank and biscuits eaten in that time. Or the number of courses I signed up to (and have not yet done).

I’ll leave that for 3 years.