So last night I attended a Masterclass. I took time off my accountability writing group and my downtime to do so.

I was really looking forward to it.

And I was let down. Why?

Because the fact that it was called a ‘masterclass’ meant I expected to learn something. The emails and registration info led me to believe I was going to. It repeatedly told me I needed a pen and paper as I was going to need to take lots of notes. They did such a good job of ramping up the energy and enthusiasm beforehand.

In reality, it was an hour of a sales pitch and reading through endless testimonials, keeping me dangling with the promise that would get to the learning. Only to get to the end and be told I had to join a paid group to actually get to any of the learning. (And christ she did it at breakneck speed, you could tell she was trying to cram too much sales promo in, but that’s another issue).

The thing is, I know she is bloody good at what she does, my friend recommended her and I can see she has knowledge. She has the figures to back it up. I was considering joining her group and buying some of her products (I have one already). But she pitched this one wrong.

Now, I have been put off. I invested my precious, very limited time to join and didn’t get what was promised so I will probably not invest my money.

The learning here?

Make sure you deliver what you say you are going to. By all means, go above and beyond if you find places to expand the learning, but never underdeliver.

If you know what your audiences’ needs are and you promise to help with them, make sure have then crafted your content around them and provided some value to help achieve their aim.

Now for the really insightful bit…

In the words of Adam Ant, during a pandemic –

“(Virtually) Stand and Deliver” (what you say you’re going to)

It even fits into the tune. Almost>