Writing a course is challenging. Writing a course about writing a course has turned out to be even more challenging.

I have rollercoastered from feeling so confident in my offering, to doubting every word I have written. Every topic I have included.

I have hidden away from promoting it, then had moments where I was brave enough, before sneaking back under my rock and hoping no-one saw my posts.

I have second guessed myself every day as to what to include, whether I am doing the right thing, should I be using different tech, or just give up altogether. Am I punching above my experience? When in fact, no, I am not. I have a lot of knowledge to offer others. And so much experience.

But I’ve had a talking to. A few in fact. (Thank you Penny Brazier, Becky Holmes and Shamaine Robinson)

I am finally getting it out there. I have pushed myself to just choose a release date and go for it. I am building momentum. People are even bizarrely signing up to my newsletter (eek!) And registering interest.


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So why am I feeling so impostery?


Having to be the ‘expert’

Anyone that has known me a while knows I hate that term. It puts so much pressure on and makes my insides wither.

Because I’m writing a course about writing courses I feel like everyone is going to expect me to have done everything perfectly. In total expert mode. I have to lead by example. And that is fine, it is expected, but my brain won’t behave. Imposter monster is firmly lodged in the noggin and constantly wittering away.

A step away from the norm

Plus the learning I normally create is quite different to this – it is bespoke and in industry software. I am most comfortable doing it that way. The way of working I have taken for this course (in LearnDash) is so different. But it is good for me to do it this way as this is how many people who take my course will be doing it. We are not businesses that can afford Learning Management Systems (LMS) and huge development costs associated with authoring and licences, like the companies I usually work for.

So I am using the WordPress Plugin called LearnDash. Which has been quite a learning curve. And I am having to do lots of tech stuff that I wouldn’t normally look at – someone else would upload my course and do lots of testing, would look at figures and feedback and registering learners. Now I really am doing the full process myself.

This time, it’s personal

Finally, it also such a personal thing. It’s my course rather than a course I am building for someone else. Often as a learning designer, you build a course but don’t hear anything about it again unless you update it in the future. But I have put so much into this – time, money, brainpower, my soul and energy, new skills I have had to learn, and have even started using videos for it (something I said I would NEVER do). So it has become my baby.


How do I get past this?

I have had to really take a step back and look at the project, and see how much value there is in it.  See that my offering is different from others and so I need to stop comparing myself.

There is so much to learn in the course, and I am happy to keep adding to it if anything is missing or could be made better down the line.

And I have always planned to release it as a beta version. I would love some people to go through it and give me feedback so that I can tweak, add to it and make sure I am giving total value. So that is what I am doing.

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Release impending, looming, imminent…so here’s the info!

The course is called Take Your Training Online. It is a self-led online course helping you to move your existing (face-to-face) training online, or to get you started if you are a total newbie to online training and have an idea you want to pursue.

It’s not a ‘get it done in X days’ course, I don’t believe that is the best way to make sure you develop a course with substance and fully focused on your learners. The aim is to make sure you are creating it with your learners in mind, take your time, and do it properly – focusing on learner needs, whilst speaking to them in a way that is right for them and your business.

And the beta phase is being released on the 3rd of September! On my business’s second birthday. I thought that was nice timing (and gives me 2 extra days from my original proposed release date 😆).

<There we go, I’ve said it now. I have to do it>

For now, it will be the knockdown price of £189.

It covers the following topics:

  • Getting started and an intro to me/UnlikelyGenius
  • Getting familiar with the technology/choosing your platform
  • The eLearning creation process
  • Focusing on the learner
  • Creating your content
  • After your learning has gone live
  • Summary



If you would like to be one of my beta learners, register to my newsletter to get the updates of the release, or check back on my website on 3rd September, when the course is released and my ‘courses’ page appears (when I work out how to do that 😆). It will be at this price for a limited time (yet to be decided, it will depend somewhat on the feedback I get).

You can also join my new, free Facebook group Take Your Training Online where I will be regularly sharing resources and tips and hopefully creating a nice community of business owners who are all in a similar position in needing to move training online (or have recently done so). 


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