I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front since completing the first year of my #write52 journey. Though I intended to carry on without a break, there has been a lot of development going on behind the scenes and as usual I got giddy setting lots of other things up, as well as taking on mountains of work. It seems a slight lull in work at the beginning of a certain pandemitastrophe made me go into cogs whirring, legs paddling mode and take on anything and everything that came my way, as well as doing copious business development and planning.

So here is the result of pandemimania –  a roundup of new services, and exciting developments in the pipeline for UnlikelyGenius.

New services now available


‘Take your Training Online’ Facebook Group

This is a free group for anyone who has, or is looking to, make the move online with their training. The idea is that I will be sharing hints and tips, resources, industry updates from the world of eLearning and great examples as well as events like Q&A sessions. Plus I hope to build this into a thriving, engaged community where members can chat and learn from each other too.


Power hour

I slipped this one in under the radar somewhat a few weeks back. But the idea with this is that you might not want (or be able to afford) to hire a designer or developer to build your course for you. Or maybe you like the challenge of digitising your training yourself, but sometimes it is good to still be able to pick someone’s brain who does this 24/7. Basically, a one-off or repeat consultancy type of deal. That is where this comes in.

The power hour is for you if you want any consultancy type work, for example:

  • A sounding board for your ideas
  • A chat about what may be the best way to digitise your training
  • Tips on tools and apps
  • Advice on where to get started
  • Find out what the devil learning theory and methodology is all about
  • Understand the development process
  • Someone to run a second set of eyes over something you have done and provide feedback
  • A chat about the wide range of approaches, types of learning, and
  • How you can keep engagement and your personality in your course that you would usually have face-to-face

Basically, whatever your requirements we can arrange it. This time is for you, not me. We can set an agenda and make sure you get out of this what you need (and hopefully a bit extra).



Admittedly, this one snuck up on me by surprise, it was one of those situations where you do one thing and realise there are about four more things you should now do!

But if there was something I have realised the last few weeks, it is that there is no point me doing all the bits and pieces I am plugging away with if I don’t let anyone know about it. So an opt in form was set up, which you can find here.

The newsletter will not be spamming you weekly, it will be more adhoc (I am aiming for once a month, maybe twice in a particularly exciting month) – as and when I have some juicy interesting nuggets, new products are launched, I have new resources, or anything else that sparks in the old noggin. I will also share other things outside the world of learning and content that may be inspiring or even just mildly pleasant – be it books, bunnies and bountiful gin. I can promise you all of those.

The first newsletter is going to be late August/early September, and if you sign up at the moment you get my free resource on 5 top tips for increasing engagement.

Come join us.



I am continuing to develop resources to share on my website and have a list of ideas planned, check out my resources page for those already done. But as with anything in this list – if there is something you would particularly benefit from let me know and I will see what I can do.



As I have been learning all about doing videos for the last couple of months, I am now working up the courage to doing more. It is a much easier and quicker way than writing sometimes, and means I can quickly get something out to help others on a topic that is needed. In addition, the powers at LinkedIn have graced me with LinkedIn Live – what were they thinking?! 😂 So now I have no excuse. I HAVE to do it. Look out for videos in my Facebook group and on LinkedIn.


Coming soon

Other services coming soon


So then we get to the big stuff. The Everest to my brain. The challenge in my scheduling. The undertaking of epic proportions…

In a bid to help other small to medium businesses, who I can see have certain challenges in this new semi-dystopian land in which we live, I have started to put together some things to help them face increasing challenges and to move their training online.


‘Take your Training Online’ course

This course is aimed at anyone who had previously used face-to-face training in their business but now needs to future proof themselves and move online, or maybe they have pulled some online training together but would like to learn how to make their digital training work better for them.


More courses to follow soon

  • A course aimed at those totally new to online training (maybe you have come from a totally different industry or role and are just setting up)
  • An advanced level course of TYTO – maybe you are excited now you have had a dabble at online learning and are looking to take your skills further, or maybe you’re a newbie to the world of Instructional and Learning Design.


Mini-courses/standalone modules or resources

In topics such as:

  • Improving engagement in online learning
  • Where to start with tech
  • Writing for online learning (how it differs from F2F)
  • The eLearning development process

Aaaaand, take a breath

In short, I been busy 😆

I am really excited to get some of this out there finally. Just one last push to the finish line with course numero uno.

If there is a topic that you would really like to see, please do let me know. I want to make sure I am creating what you need.

I hope to see you on board soon!