A year ago I was travelling around the Nordic fjords in snow…in June… (ahh bliss, remember the days when we could travel?)… when I stumbled upon a tweet by Ed Callow which mentioned he was trying to give himself some accountability to write a blog post a week and did anyone want to join him in this endeavour? It was not to be any blog post, each week had to be original content. None of this repurposing malarky or putting the same thing out on a cycle.

He had a couple of takers from people I was connected to and whose content is fab, so my interest was piqued. I had made a half-assed attempt at blogging the last few months but hadn’t quite found my way. So what did I have to lose? Other than the shame of my writing being out there with these pros.

Flush from the success of a phone interview earlier that day and in my usual ‘I MUST DO ALL THE THINGS’ mode I messaged to say that I *may* be interested.

<note: I said *may* Ed>

Well, that did it. I was suckered in, and that was that.

Persuasive fella.


One year on

Against all expectations and odds, I have done it! 52 blog posts in 52 weeks. All original, some random. I left my theme halfway through, so focus on business-themed writing. But I have seen an increase of 51 posts a year, from my previous measly average of 1 a year in the previous decade. 

52 doesn’t sound a lot, particularly if you are not a writer/blogger. Or just throwing random content into the ether each week hoping something will catch. But it is. It really is. (If you are skeptical I challenge you to do it yourself). 

It takes graft, determination, creativity, persistence.

Creativity, ideas, and oodles of discipline.

Not letting a busy week make you think, ‘ah, I’ll do it next week’.

Not giving in at Christmas, Easter or on any holidays (though thanks to COVID our planned holiday hasn’t had the chance to scupper the flow).

It can often mean writing with a bit of the alcohol juice in hand as you are pushing the deadline and the weekend deadline is approaching at lightspeed.

Some weeks you have an abundance of ideas, others you are just…stuck.

There are so many things to write about, but nothing you feel like expressing at the moment.

I have a board full of blog ideas, I was rarely feeling those, and preferred to write ‘in the moment’. Respond to something that inspired me that day or week or a topic that is particularly relevant to my projects at the time. I have to write something that resonates at the moment.

And I have often surprised myself.


The benefits of getting involved

As I come to the end of my #write52 year of posts, I have been reflecting on how quickly it has gone and how far I have come in that time.

There have been many things I have got out of this initiative:

  • I have tried new ways of writing – some worked, some didn’t
  • I have found a beautiful supportive community…
  • …and so much Inspiration from them
  • It has given me a solid blogging habit
  • I have got clients from people who had been following my writing
  • It has given me confidence in my writing skills and putting it out there
  • I have learned accountability is a good motivator for me to crack on

In addition, I even had a crack at guest editing the newsletter. Boy, that was a challenge, and I have much respect for Ed doing this as a weekly endeavour. It certainly tested my confidence as imposter syndrome sat on my shoulder and screamed into my ear. But it turned out to be good fun (even though I did set myself a hell of a challenge and we had a record-breaking number of entries that week) and I was chuffed with the outcome.

I have also felt a surprising amount of chuffed when a slice of my writing was the featured quote in the newsletter. Or when someone tweets to say ‘I love this’ (or just even ‘likes’ it or responds in any way).


The big question

So what do I do now? I am all at sea.

Do I carry on?

Will it be the same, now I have reached my Everest of writing?

Let’s face it. I love the #write52 community and I certainly need the accountability, or I will lose momentum (though I suspect I will lose it a bit anyway now I know the initial challenge is over).

But I shall continue to post. Continue to write. Continue to be involved in the group, if they will have me of course.

After all, if the last year has taught me anything – I love writing.

So writing I shall do.


Person sat on top of a mountain above the clouds, punching the air, a beautiful sunset in front of themand

Image by Ian Stauffer at Unsplash

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