On my meandering ramble through Twitter this week I accidentally stumbled across @EdCallowWrites and his #write52 idea – to write a blog post once a week for a year, about a set topic of your choice. They need to not just be a review but be interesting, make a point. You can see the idea laid out in more detail by Stuart Cameron .

As someone trying to develop my writing skills and with many a random idea bouncing around in my head I thought this was a great idea and a reason to get my non-content/design related things out there. They will still be included on my UG blog as they are still ‘me’, and will give my customers and followers a greater insight into the me that is not just the content/learning/graphic designer, and will give a taste of some of the things that inspire me in daily life.

So without further ado, let me introduce my chosen topic.

I am going all Julie Andrews with this one and have chosen to go with ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ (see pic above for a semi-Julie moment). My initial idea was to blog some of my favourite places near and far, however to fit the 52 weeks criteria I figure I need to expand it. I have travelled a lot, but I am not sure I can scrabble that many together, and if 52 places were my favourite, then they are clearly not actually my favourite are they? There should only be a couple of those.

Therefore my posts will feature my not just favourite places, but also books that have hit home, design that blows my mind, gorgeous people, euphoric music, intriguing animals and more. Anything and everything that I love in life and that fires the old neurons or has that much coveted ‘wow factor’.

The reason I have chosen this topic is down to having got into the whole mindfulness track over the last few years. Many keep daily gratitude logs, and I have dabbled with this at times, but this project is another way to acknowledge the great in life and record my gratitude moments, plus to share it with others in the hope that it may inspire followers to also experience some of the things I share.

I hope you enjoy.

#1 coming soon