At Unlikely Genius I always make sure that I design a logo that represents you and your brand. I ensure full consultation throughout the design process, which often starts with the traditional method of creating moodboards and thumbnails to ensure that we are all on the same wavelength from the beginning, before moving onto digital development. Many designers miss out this critical first step in the rush to get on with a job and meeting demanding deadlines, but I have always found that it helps give direction from the start and clarify the brand in our mind.

This completion of moodboards and hand sketches has helped to show my clients the intentions and thinking from the go, plus it has usually resulted in giving the client a broader range of ideas and styles to choose from, by avoiding time constrictions working all ideas up digitally, just taking the best ideas forward.

Christina from Cakes by Christina said of this process, Totally blown away! I’ve had two different people do me a logo, and you are the only one who has actually drawn anything, or done mood boards! …Hard to come by people who are genuinely good at what they do!”

See some examples of my recent moodboards below.