Take a week off she says
Oh no, really, I just couldn’t!
No arguments. Just do it! she says
But…but…but…I cannot

No more excuses, you need rest,
What’s the worst that could happen?
It’s not a good time, I’ll let people down.
Maybe at Christmas, that’s not too far away

Look after yourself, be kind, she says
But there’s so many things to do
You’re going to burn out she says
I’m fine, not running on empty yet

Just one more job then I’ll rest, I say
To a tut and a roll of the eyes
One little job can’t hurt I say
Here comes the sigh and walk away

Oops, now there’s 3 jobs to do
Oh wait, now there are 4
But it’s fine, I can squeeze them in
They won’t take much time

Crash. Collapse. Unable to move.
I told you so she says.
(And so does the man
Subtle as ever)

It’s one thing to listen to others
Will I ever listen to myself
And take a week off?
I doubt it she says



Write 52: Week 17
​Theme: A few of my favourite things