Today marks one year since I (aka Unlikely Genius) became a Limited Company and the point where I had decided this full-time self-employment malarky was definitely good for me and that I should stick with it.

In the spirit of doing something different and a bit of fun I took inspiration from something I saw on Twitter for this week’s #write52. Which coincidentally also marks the halfway point for me in this challenge. 26 weeks done!

​At this point, I am also going to reflect on this challenge and tweak my theme and topics, but I am really liking the camaraderie of the group and the impetus to post weekly. Hurrah!

So with no further ado – here is ‘My Year in Numbers’. What a year it has been!

​Prosecco is calling for a lil celebration me thinks.

My year in numbers - an infographic

PS: Disclaimer/update. I have realised I have accidentally missed 25 and skipped straight to 26. I was sure I had done 25. But today did start with me attempting to butter a bagel with a pen  so this is minor in comparison. Therefore you will get a double whammy this week, and I will plug the gap. 😉 Week 25 coming up!


Write 52: Week 26
Theme: A few of my favourite things